A new form of public transportation in Hermosa Beach

One of Swoopkar’s electric golf carts transporting guests at The Beach House in Hermosa Beach.

You may see some of these cute electric cars around Hermosa Beach this weekend (June 7-9). It’s part of a pilot program that the city of Hermosa Beach has agreed to for the weekend. A new company called Swoopkar wants to offer a clean energy alternative for short distance public transportation. This weekend Swoopkar will be servicing the guests of The Beach House.

Pricing for a trip is based on zones. From the Hermosa Pier to the Manhattan Beach Pier is $7.75 for as many people who fit in the car, I was told by one of the reps.

Swoopkar’s mission is to “provide a clean energy, community focused, public transportation service to communities nationwide; offering exceptional, reliable, and responsible service while supporting local environmental initiatives.” And not only will it help the environment, the company thinks their electric carts will help foster a fun, upscale feel in the beach communities… kinda like Weekend at Bernie’s!

If you want to see more of these car’s around town, please visit www.swoopkar.com and sign the petition.